Office 365 (iOS 7) - Change Mail View Settings

This document explains how to change view settings on the iOS Mail application.

  1. iOS 7 Mail gives you a couple different settings you can change to customize how you view your mail messages, depicted below. You can access these settings by opening your Settings.

  2. Settings APp

  3. Choose the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars option.
  4. Here are the available options which can be customized:

    Mail Settings

    • Preview – Customize Inbox view by selecting how many lines you'd like displayed per email.
    • Show To/Cc Label – Enable or disable the Cc label.
    • Flag Style – Attribute a color to flags associated with emails.
    • Ask Before Deleting – Enable or disable delete confirmation.
    • Load Remote Images – Enable or disable remote images.
    • Organize By Thread – Enable or disable sorting by thread
    • Always Bcc Myself – Enable or disable sent email automatically Bcc'ing your account.
    • Increase Quote Level – Increase / decrease the quote symbols before the text you're quoting.
    • Signature – Create or change your email signature.
    • Default Account – If multiple accounts are configured, choose which one you send from by default.

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