EPD - Instructor Resources - Camtasia for Windows - Basic Guide

EPD uses Camtasia 8 to produce recorded presentations (screencasts) for their courses.

  Materials Needed

  • Microphone and headset (webcam optional)
  • Camtasia Software with license information 
  • Camtasia support documentation 
  • PowerPoint slides, document camera, and any other resources needed for the presentation
  Overall Workflow

1. Start a new project in Camtasia (File > New Project).

2. Save the untitled project at the start, prior to recording. This will be the Camtasia project file for the entire video, but smaller video clips will be created within the file. 
      • Use an appropriate naming convention (ie. EPD-Course#-Unit#-TopicName-SubTopicName.)

3. Minimize use of animations, transistions, etc. and focus on the essential features.

4. Check the settings.
      • Display: Full Screen 
      • Camera: On/Off (instructor preference)
      • Audio: Microphone (make sure the correct microphone is selected) - a green indicator should appear in the volume bar. 

        1. Set Windows microphone volume level so that when you speak, maximum speech level is 80-90% of the amplitude range of the equalizer.

        2. Adjust Windows audio settings as follows:

          Go to Sound  > Recording > Properties and slide the Microphone Boost to 0.0 dB (see screenshot below). 

          Set microphone boost to 0.0dB

        3. Optional: you may need to disable all other hardwired microphone and speakers from within the control panel.
    5. Cue the needed materials (PowerPoint, websites, or other programs), so they can easily be put into presentation mode/full screen. Some instructors create an outline in advance of the recording to use as a guide, yet still sound natural.)

    6. Record.

    Notes about Recording

        • When record button is pushed, a count down appears and then it minimizes; instructors should ready their materials at this time.
        • Everything on the screen is captured, including the mouse pointer 
        • When the video is paused, the same clip is extended (no new clip)
        • Each time the video is stopped, a new clip will be created

    Options for Instructor Recording Workflow

        • Create one clip per slide: put up a slide, present, and stop (repeat)
        • 3-4 slides and stop
        • one clip for entire video using pause button and audio breaks to ease editing

    Useful Recording Key Commands
        • Record and Pause = F9
        • Stop = F10

    7. Save the individual clip (.camrec) file. 

    8. Repeat steps 1-7 until all footage for your 10-15 minute presentation has been recorded. 

    9. Edit

    Notes about Editing 
        • Use the timeline to edit clips.
        • Use the playhead within the timeline to scrub through the video to spot check and review.
        • Each kind of content (audio, video, etc.) is on its own horizontal track in the timeline.
        • Only clips in the timeline get produced.
        • Editing clips in the timeline, does not affect corresponding clips in the clip bin. (Clips in the bin contain the original recording).

    Cut & Trim Content

    Instructors are responsible for making basic edits to their camtasia projects. For example, they may need to cut the beginning segment of the video (to eliminate the preparation time, launching into presentation mode, etc.) and the end (as they stop the recording). They may also cut small segments from within the video. Here are the basic steps for editing:
        1. Move the play head to needed position
        2. Adjust the in and out sliders (whether at the beginning, middle, or end of the timeline)
        3. From the Edit menu select Cut (or click on the scisssor button). This will remove the clip without leaving a gap. 

      Useful Editing Key Commands

        • Play/Pause video in timeline = Space Bar

    10. Upload the Camtasia project file to the appropriate course development folder in Box. Follow instructions provided in Box.

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