Office 365 (Windows Phone 8) - Create or edit an event/appointment

This document will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to create an event.

Important: The information below is based on Microsoft's recommended use of mobile devices when it comes to interacting with calendars. For best results, Microsoft recommends that people who schedule events with one another use the same calendar client. The majority of calendaring issues involve events with attendees, which may not get updated correctly if the organizer or any of the attendees take action on the meeting via a mobile device. View best practices document for further details.

  1. Open your calendar calendar button.

  2. Touch the new new button button at bottom of the screen for a new event, or open an existing event and touch edit edit button.

  3. Enter or modify the details for your event/appointment. You may need to touch the more details button button at the bottom of the 'new event' or 'edit event' screens for extra options (Note: the screenshot below includes the additional options after choosing the 'more details' button).

    • Subject Enter a short description of the event.
    • Location Add a location if appropriate.
    • Calendar Select your Office 365 calendar.
    • When Specify the starting time and date for the event.
    • How long Select the duration. Select all day for an all day event which will appear at the top of the calendar.
    • Reminder Change or turn off the reminder for this event.
    • Occurs Set up a repeat pattern if you would like this to be a recurring event.
    • Status Choose how you want this time to appear on your calendar for scheduling (free/tentative/busy/out of office).
    • Attendees Invite others to your event.
    • Private Mark the event as private if you don't want anyone you've shared your calendar with to see the details.
    • Notes Add any other information about the even that you want.
    • new appointment dialog

  4. Invite other people to your event.

    1. Touch add someone add someone button.

    2. Touch the new new button button to add a required or optional attendee.

      • If the person you wish to add is in your contact list then scroll down to locate them.

      • If the person is in the Office 365 directory, you will need to touch the search search button button, type their name, and then select search Office 365 directory. The exact text may differ depending on what you have your Office 365 mailbox named.

      • If the people you wish to invite on neither in your local address book nor Office 365 directory then you will need to first add them to your contact list. See Office 365 (Windows Phone 8) - Contacts Overview.

    3. Once you've invited all the people you wish to invite, touch the done done button button, or touch cancel cancel button to return without making any changes.

  5. Touch the save save button button to create or modify your event and add it to your calendar, or touch cancel cancel button to discard your modifications.

  6. If modifying an existing event with other attendees, you will be asked whether to inform them of the changes.

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