CALS Administrator - Employee Operational Area System (EOPS) Quick Reference Guide

CALS Administrators Quick reference guide

This quick reference guide outlines the steps to enter the operational area information in the EOPS system.
Guidelines to determine operational areas can be found here: Document 37632 is unavailable at this time.

  1. Log into EOPS using your netid + password:
  2. The Operational Area-Main Menu page opens.  Click Designate an Operational Area.
  3. The List of Operational Areas page opens.  From this page, you can do the following:
  • Add a new operational area
  • View, Edit or Delete an existing operational area.  (**NOTE:  if operational areas have been submitted to HR for approval, you will only have view access.)
  1. To add an operational area (operational name, dept id and description are all required fields):
  • Click the Add a new operational area link and the Add an Operational Area page opens.  
  • Type in the operational area name following the guidelines.  Valid characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, spaces, apostrophes and hyphens.  Any other character will produce an error message.
  • Select the department id(s) that should be assigned to the operational area by clicking the box next to the Dept ID.  If you know the department ID or name, you can also enter it in the search box to display just that one department, and then check the box.
  • Enter the description of the operational area.
  • When finished, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.  (Clicking the Clear button will clear anything that hasn't been saved.) You’ll be directed back to the List of Operational Area page.
  • The operational area just entered will display in the grid.
  1. To update an existing operational area:
  • In the grid on the List of Operational Areas page, click View, Edit or Delete on the row of the operational area you want to view, edit or delete.  
  • In View mode, you can only view the operational area details.
  • In Edit mode, you can make edits on the name, department and/or description.
  • In Delete mode, you can delete the operational area.  
  1. To notify HR all operational areas have been entered:
When all operational areas have been entered, the next step is to notify HR your entry is complete and the operational areas are ready for their review/approval.  If more than one of you in your department are entering operational areas, verify everyone's entries are complete.  Clicking this link will lock the application for entry for everyone in your department.   You will continue to have view access. 
  • Click the Main Menu link (top right of page).
  • The Operational Area-Main Menu page opens.
  • Click Notify HR to Review Operational Areas clicking this link will…
  • A message box opens asking you to verify you want to notify HR your entry is complete.  Click OK or Cancel.

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