Learn@UW/D2L - Applying Group Membership Access Restrictions to Discussion Topics

This document describes how to apply group membership restrictions to the discussion topics in your course.

You can control which groups of students within a Group category have access to the various discussion topics within a forum.

Once the Discussion forum and Group category have been established, to set the group membership restrictions on the topics, do the following:

  1. Select the Discussion tool.

  2. Select Group and Section Restrictions from the top.

    Step 2

    This brings up the "Group and Sections Restrictions" interface.

  3. Select the Forum you want to apply group membership access restrictions to.

  4. Select the Group category containing the groups that apply.

  5. Under "Edit Restrictions", check the topics that should be restricted in the Restricted column.

  6. For each topic set to be restricted, check the groups that are to have access to the topics. These are permissions to access the topics.

Steps 3-6

For the above example, members of the groups have access to the following topics:

Group Has Access to
0 - No Sweat no topics
1 - Zip All topics except "Pullover"
2 - Overhead All topics except "Zip-ups"
3 - Wooly All topics except "Made of Acrylic"
4 - Acrylic All topics except "Made of Wool"
5 - Materials "Made of Wool" and "Made of Acrylic"
6 - Styles "Pullover" and "Zip-ups"

Note: If there is more than one Group category in your course, accessibility to a topic is granted if access is provided through any of the Group categories. In the above example, no groups should be checked for any other Group categories in the course.

For example, suppose there were another Group category in the course named "Team" with groups "Blue" and "Gray". If the "Blue" group is provided access to "Pullover", then students who are members of both "1 - Zip" and "Blue" will have access to "Pullover" as well as the other topics in the "Sweaters" forum.

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