Learn@UW/D2L - Finding a Course OU Number

Every course on all organizations has a OU (Organization Unit) number to uniquely identify it.

There are several ways to find the OU number of a course.

If you are in a course, the course's OU number is the number that appears at the end of the URL in your browser's navigation bar.   If the URL is long and you cannot view the OU number, go to the course homepage where the URL will be short enough so you can easily view the OU number.

Browser URL


From the org. home page (My Home), you determine a course OU number from a course you are enrolled in displayed in "My Courses" by hovering your mouse over the course link in the list. The OU number will display in your browser's status bar.

My Courses


If you have access to "Course Management" in the "My Admin Tools" widget, you can find a course's OU number by performing a search for the course. In the search results of "Find Course Offerings", you can see the course's OU number in your browser's status bar at the bottom by hovering your mouse over the course link.

Course Management


The following method for finding a course's OU number can only be used by administrators who have access to the Org Unit Editor tool. If a course isn't complete, for example, its template is missing, this may be the only way for finding a course's OU number.

  1. Enter a search string in the Org Unit Editor tool.
  2. Select "Course Offering" for "Filter by Type".
  3. A list of courses matching the search string appear containing the OU numbers in parentheses.
Search Org Units in Org Unit Editor