Installation of Maple

CAE no longer provides Maple for download. This service has been taken over by DoIT through the campus software library. Maple is only available to faculty, staff, and graduate students WITH A FAC/STAFF APPOINTMENT.

In the past, CAE has offered Maple for download on UW owned computers to the faculty and staff of the College of Engineering. CAE still maintains a license for its computer labs and a few other instances. If you need Maple installed on a departmental computer, the IT staff for that department should be able to assist you. Maple is still available remotely through XenApp at

To access the campus software library, visit You will log into the site using your UW NetID. You will see titles that are available to you based on your status at UW. If you are faculty, staff or a graduate student with a faculty/staff appointment, you should see Maple as an available software title. If you are an undergraduate student, or a graduate student without a faculty/staff appointment, you will not. If you believe that you should have access to Maple, but it does not show on your list, please contact Again, Maple is still available remotely through XenApp at

In order to provide some assistance for the installation of Maple, CAE has not deactivated the old documentation for 'tethered' software installation. Please note that this is only for reference and has not been updated to reflect the DoIT installation, nor will it be updated. It will refer to some things, such as getting the iso from myfiles, which are no longer valid. Again, this is only for reference. While you can find links to these articles here, they are not searchable from the CAE Knowledge Base homepage.

Maple for Windows:
Maple for Mac: