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The Learn@UW / Desire2Learn Question Importer Tool allows you to easily create Desire2Learn-ready CSV (comma separated value) files from existing quiz or exam documents. You can copy your question & answer text into the tool directly from programs such as Microsoft Word, iWork Pages or any other word processing/text editing programs, and after some slight reformatting and simple markup addition, quickly import your questions & answers into a D2L Question Library.

Version 1.3 of the generator tool can format the following question types for import into D2L: Multiple Choice, Multi-select (multiple answer), True/False, Long Answer (essay), Short Answer (also works as "fill in the blank"), Matching & Ordering, and standalone Text & Image information items. Feedback and hints can be included for questions, as well as regular expression statements for answers to Short Answer-type questions. You can also identify images (that are already loaded into a D2L site file collection) to be displayed within your questions. This version also includes a minor bug fix present in previous versions - unique weight values set for specific answers of Short Answer questions (using the % symbol) are now correctly processed. The program will automatically check for updates upon starting--you will see a "download update" option only when new updates are available.

The tool is currently available as a standalone program that can be installed on Windows or Mac OS systems using the "Install Now" link in the box below. Adobe AIR Runtime 1.5 or higher is required.

Important note for Mac OS users: When text is copied directly from Microsoft Word in Mac OS, carriage returns or line breaks may not be correctly recognized within the generator’s text box. This will result in your pasted text being converted into one large Long Answer question. It is highly recommended that you first paste the text from Word into the TextEdit application (included with all Mac OS versions), and then copy all of the text again from TextEdit and paste into the generator text box. This will restore all of the line breaks that were present in the original Word document.

To download and install the tool:

  1. Make sure that you have Adobe AIR 1.5 or later installed. If you need to download and install AIR, get it here: http://get.adobe.com/air/
  2. Download the .air file for version 1.3 of the tool: download it via this link.
  3. Open the saved .air file to begin the installation process. NOTE: The installation screen will display the publisher as UNKNOWN and system access as UNRESTRICTED. Don't be alarmed...the tool is perfectly safe, and no information is transmitted from your computer. Simply click the Install button to continue. By default, the tool is installed in the Program Files folder on Windows and the Applications folder on Mac OS.
  4. Download the documentation PDF file for version 1.3 of the tool here.
  5. This program is subject to the University of Wisconsin's public license policies for software. The complete public license policy may be viewed here. The program is freely available for public use; however, the author and the University of Wisconsin system do not offer any warranties or guarantees for its accuracy, completeness or usefulness.

    Created by Rich Path, Instructional Design and Educational Technology Specialist, University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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