ECMS - Firefox TLS Settings

This document explains how to configure Firefox 37 (or newer) to use Perceptive Software WebNow as a fallback host.

Firefox TLS Settings

Update! Lexmark/Perceptive has acknowledged the Mozilla Firefox TLS issue in this KB document (it began with verion 37 and continues in the latest Firefox releases). You are advise to read this document before the information provided below.

Firefox version 37 (or newer) will no longer fallback to less-secure versions of the TLS protocol if it can’t negotiate with the highest level enabled on the webserver to which it attempts a connection. What may happen is that Firefox will try to connect at TLS 1.2 if the server is configured to use TLS 1.2 (the latest version of the protocol). This may fail if certain conditions are in affect. Firefox then may not fall back to TLS 1.1 due to a new fallback-limit in Firefox 37. Thus a secure connection failed error may appear.

Many servers at the UW-Madison may use a security certification component from the same source which may trigger this secure connection failed response when Firefox 37 attempts a connection with them. The servers used for WebNow and eForms do use this InCommons certificate component.

NOTE: This override should not be used unless absolutely essential. An alternative is to use a web browser other than Firefox 37 (e.g., Firefox 36 does not exhibit this behavior).

Use the following steps to add the WebNow server to the Firefox fallback hosts.

  1. In Firefox's Address bar type About:config and press the Enter key:
    Firefox About Config
  2. Firefox will present a warning. Tell it you will be careful:
    Firefox About Config Warning
  3. In the search field type TLS and Firefox will filter the list of configuration items leaving only those with TLS in them:
    Firefox Config Search TLS
  4. Click on the item for security.tls.insecure.fallback.hosts:
    Firefox Config Security TLS Insecure Fallback Hosts
  5. Double-click it and in the field type to add the WebNow server:
    Firefox Config Security TLS Insecure Fallback Hosts Add Hostname

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