ECMS - Java Security and WebNow/eForms

This document shows the possible Java security warnings which may appear when loading WebNow or eForms.

Java Security and WebNow/eForms

Java is a computer environment in which a Java applet installed on a web server is downloaded by a web browser to the computer the web browser is installed on. The Java applet runs in a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on the same computer the web browser is installed on. Java Security seeks to align Java applet and JRE version requirements and to alert users when Java applets request significant rights to run on the local computer.

What follows is the possible sequence of warnings/prompts that Java may present when one attempts to load WebNow or an eForm. Which of them will appear will vary depending on the version of Java used by the browser and whether the web browser in use had been used to respond to some prompts in the past.

  1. If the browser has not been configured to automatically load Java applets, this screen will appear. Click on Activate Java to load Java.
    Activate Java
  2. This option allows one to bypass the previous screen. Allow Now loads Java one time. Allow and Remember loads Java now and for all subsequent times.
    Activate Java Allow And Remember
  3. This screen appears while the web browser loads the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
    Java Loading
  4. This screen appears if the installed Java version is not the most current Java version. It is not alwasy advisable to upgrade Java, especially if other Java applets have a Java-version requirement. Managed desktop environments will do Java installations independent of these types of warnings.
    Update Java Warning
  5. This screen calls attention to whether the configured Java version used by WebNow/eForms aligns with the installed version. At present WebNow/eForms are certified to use Java 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8.
    Java Version Unavailable Warning
  6. This screen relates to the scope of access a Java applet attempts to use. A threshhold related to the expansiveness of that scope will trigger this warning.
    Security Unrestricted Access Warning
  7. This is the "More Information" screen from the previous screen.
    Security Unrestricted Access Warning More Info

NOTE: These new Java security warnings are important and should not be taken lightly. With respect to WebNow and eForms, we can assure you that you are safe using WebNow and eForms. The need to click through the warnings, while an annoyance, do not pose a risk to you as we know the source, Perceptive Software, of the Java applications involved and we control the web servers to which you connect to use them.

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