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This document explains known issues with ImageNow clients.

General Known Issues

PlugIn API (NPAPI) Support

NPAPI affects Java applets

Perceptive Content WebNow//eForms use a web browser plugin API (NPAPI) to load the WebNow//eForm Java applet.

As of Google Chrome version 42.x (April, 2015), this NPAPI plugin api is disabled by default. Without user action to modify Google Chrome settings, Google Chrome will not load the WebNow//eForm Java applet. This KB document explains how to implement an override to allow Google Chrome 42.x to load WebNow.

NOTE: In September 2015 (Chrome 45) Google removed the override and NPAPI support was permanently removed from Chrome for all future versions. Installed extensions that require NPAPI plugins will no longer be able to load those plugins.

For the complete details, follow this link to learn what Google has to say about their plans for this browser plugin API.

Mozilla has published a document that says they, too, will discontinue NPAPI support for the Firefox web browser by the end of 2016.

The ECM/Imaging team has begun the work to deploy Lexmark's new non-Java web client called Perceptive Experience which removes the dependency on this NPAPI plugin which would, when deployed, allow both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to be used.

Firefox TLS Issues

TLS is a security protocol that is the successor to SSL. Internet applications like web browsers and email clients connect to servers and negotiate a secure, encrypted connection using TLS. The servers must be configured to enable these secure connections.

With the start of Firefox 37, it will no longer fallback to less-secure versions of the TLS protocol if it can’t negotiate with the highest level enabled on the webserver to which it attempts a connection. What may happen is that Firefox will try to connect at TLS 1.2 if the server is configured to use TLS 1.2 (the latest version of the protocol). This may fail if certain conditions are in affect. Firefox then may not fall back to TLS 1.1 due to a new fallback-limit in Firefox 37. Thus a secure connection failed error may appear.

Many servers at the UW-Madison may use a security certification component from the same source which may trigger this secure connection failed response when Firefox 37 attempts a connection with them. The servers used for WebNow and eForms do use this InCommons certificate component.

This KB document explains how to implement an override to allow it to negotiate a secure, encrypted connection to a server for which this TLS issue pertains.

NOTE: This override should not be used unless absolutely essential. An alternative is to use a web browser other than Firefox 37 (e.g., Firefox 36 does not exhibit this behavior).

WebNow/eForms, Java, and Security

Late Java v7 and following, including Java 8, have implemented a set of security checks against Java applets. They check the scope of access the Java applet requests and report to you that scope if it is significantly broad. They check whether the installed version of Java is up to date. They also check the version of Java which a specific Java applet requests and whether that version of Java is installed. All of these checks are designed to enhance Java security.

This KB Doc explains the sequence of warnings you may see when loading WebNow or an eForm.

NOTE: These new Java security warnings are important and ignoring them should not be done lightly. With respect to WebNow and eForms, we can assure you that you are safe using WebNow and eForms. The need to click through the warnings, while an annoyance, does not pose a risk to you as we know the source, Perceptive Software, of the Java applications involved and we control the web servers to which you connect to use them.

Issue with Perceptive Content v7.1 Client Printing

If you have installed the Perceptive Content Printer as part of your Perceptive Content v7.1 Client installation you will experience an issue with applying/editing Annotations for documents captured using the ImageNow Printer.

Existing documents within Perceptive Content will still work as they always have. Using the ImageNow Printer to capture new documents will work, and those documents will be viewable within Perceptive Content. However, you will not be able to apply/edit Annotations to those new documents. The Annotations buttons/icons will be greyed out, and unusable.

The issue has to do with how the TIFF images are compressed when they are captured. The resulting form of compression then disables some of the features of Perceptive Content (like Annotations).

This KB document explains a fix for this problem.

Issue with Perceptive Content v7.1 first page in document displays very small

In version 7.1 build 421, when opening documents from the batch grid, some users are seeing the document displayed significantly smaller than normal, and not with the typical display properties associated with fit window, fit height, or fit width. Subsequent pages in the document appear to default to the viewer options set in File > Options > General > Default size.

Status: Open ticket with Lexmark.

Work-around / Solutions: Work-around identified, KB updated with new information.

This KB document has information provided by Lexmark.

Issue with Perceptive Content v7.1 batches disappearing

With patchcode detection enabled in version 7.1 of client (and not enabled in VRS as best practices dictate) and DUPLEX scanning, there appears to be an issue with blank page detection and patchcode detection not working well together. With blank page deletion and patch code detection turned on in the scanner profile for a duplex profile, everything after the first patch code appears to be deleted (the capture appears to identify the pages after the patch code (separate capture dialog boxes for each batch), but only the first batch makes it into the batch grid.

  • If you turn off blank page deletion, patchcode detection works and separate batches are created functions with patchcode detection turned off.
  • If you turn off patchcode detection, or do not insert them to create separate batches, blank page detection works.

Status: Open ticket with Lexmark. Lexmark had thought this issue addressed in build 421.

This KB document will have more information when it is provided by Lexmark.

Issue with Perceptive Content v7.1 some Dropdown Selection Lists Disordered

In version 7.1 build 421 under Settings > Options > Toolbar > Default > Default actions, the dropdown selection lists for Applications and Workflow are disordered, and not what were set in the 6.7 client.

Other selection lists may also be disordered, e.g., when creating a Capture Profile for ImageNow Printer, the dropdown list of available Application Plans is not ordered alphabetically.

Status: Open ticket with Lexmark.

This KB document will have more information when it is provided by Lexmark.

Issue with Perceptive Content v7.1 installing more than one ImageNow Printer on a single workstation

Lexmark provides instructions for installing multiple image now printers:

ImageNow: How to install multiple ImageNow Printers in the Perceptive Content Client

A file needed to install a second image now printer on a single workstation "SetupImageNowPrinter.exe" is not installed with the ImageNow client ver 7.1 build 378.

For folks just needing a standalone way to convert documents to pdf, they may also try installing the ver 6.7 image now printer and using that.

The needed file to complete the instruction in the referenced KB is available for download at the linked KB above.

Issue with Perceptive Content v7.1 multi-Page TIFF

The issue is undesirable, very large multi-page TIFFs when doing color scanning. The work around was change licenses, which causes a loss in VRS/re-scan capabilities, or go to black & white, which allowed VRS but of course lost color or grayscale. This is a known issue.

Work-around / Solutions: Lexmark has released a new client build which fixes this issue.

This KB document has relevant information.

Issue with Perceptive Content v7.1 client Toolbar Configuration

When configuring the Perceptive Content client

Toolbars Options -> Toolbar -> Defaults -> Default actions: -> Workflow:

the dropdown displayed where (Remember Last) appears by default does not display Workflows by name, but by Process.

Issue with Perceptive Content v7.1 VRS Rescanning / Batch / QA Error "G42 DocType Not Found"

Seeing G42 errors since last Friday morning especially when it comes to rescans.

Work-around / Solutions: UW-Milwaukee did uncover a loophole with the rescan that still allows views of the rescanned documents. We continue to investigate. Below are the steps UW-Milwaukee took:

  1. Scanned the docs
  2. Opened the batch in Perceptive Content
  3. Clicked rescan and selected the profile
  4. Scanner ran the docs through again and sent back the G42 error
  5. Closed the Viewer window and returned to the batches
  6. Opened the batch again
  7. The rescanned document was visible with no error

Issue with Perceptive Content v7.1 client Stability and ImageNow Printer

We know that some have experienced issues with client installs and ImageNow Printer installs. Besides the main Client installation guide on our Knowledge Base landing page, This KB document provides guidance on various installation scenarios that have proven effective in establishing a working client and/or ImageNow Printer.

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