ECMS - General Known Issues - Technical Documentation

This document explains known issues with ImageNow clients.

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General Known Issues:

Issue with Perceptive Experience: "Failed to load view. User does not have sufficient privileges to perform requested action."

When trying to access a document or document search in Perceptive Experience, a user can receive an error message "Failed to load view. User does not have sufficient privileges to perform requested action" instead of the desired document(s). On campus this is often seen when a user accesses an link in WISDM/WISER. The Imaging team is working with the vendor to confirm a product defect. There is a work-around which is to add affected users individually to the affected view.

Issue with Perceptive Content client launching in an unusable, "minimized" state

This happens when the Perceptive Content client has timed out for inactivity (30 minutes). To avoid this client state (this is a work-around), users should log out of the Perceptive Content client if they will not be using the Perceptive Content client for a period of time. In the event that the client does time out, the user will need to close the Perceptive Content client completely, and then restart the Perceptive Content client before logging back in.

Note: as of 9-30-2019 Hyland (the vendor) has identified this as a defect and move it to their development team. There is no timeline for a fix as of yet.

Issue with Perceptive Experience when accessing documents without a file extension

In 2004 and 2005 some documents made it into the Imaging system without file extensions (e.g., .tif). Perceptive Experience does not render documents without file extensions - the portion of the display that would normally show the document page image will instead remain blank. The workaround for this issue is to open the document in the Perceptive Content desktop client. A support issue has been opened with the vendor. The issue has been placed on hold pending development efforts (by the vendor) to correct the problems associated with the missing file extensions.