Criminal Background Checks for Camps or Events in L&S

This document contains information regarding criminal background checks for camps/events in L&S.

Does your department/unit have camps or events where employees (all types) and volunteers have unsupervised access to a vulnerable population?

If so, criminal background checks (CBCs) are required for Positions of Trust with Access to Vulnerable Populations. Responsibilities require unsupervised or significant access to vulnerable populations, defined as minors (a person under the age of 18, who is not enrolled, accepted for enrollment or employed at a UW System institution) and medical patients. This category also includes employees who are not directly working in those units, but have unsupervised access to the unit when the vulnerable population is present. This category does not include faculty or instructional academic staff performing regular teaching, service, and research responsibilities unless these responsibilities include unsupervised or significant access to vulnerable populations.

Campus policy requires that CBCs be completed before any work/volunteer activities begin.


1. Determine which category (2 year or 4 year) your event/camp falls into.

          2 year CBC 
         Employees and volunteers in a position of trust with access to vulnerable populations in a precollege camp. Precollege camps are defined as a multi-day or overnight activity for minors. Subject to a criminal          
         background check every two years.

          4 year CBC 
          Employees and volunteers in a position of trust with access to vulnerable populations. Subject to a criminal background                
          check every four years.

          If your department/unit has a camp or event that recurs each year, CBCs will need to be conducted on all volunteers each year.

2. Fill out the appropriate spreadsheet

          2 Year Spreadsheet

          4 Year Spreadsheet

3. For volunteer positions, submit draft volunteer appointment letter L&S Volunteer Letter Template & Fact Sheet
    describing the duties or services to be provided, begin date, end date, and hours to be worked and a CV.

4. Send completed spreadsheet, appointment letters and CVs, at least three weeks prior to the camp/event begin date to your departmental HR Rep
   (see L&S Admin Gateway for list of contacts -
Once the College has received your department’s spreadsheet, the background check process will begin.

Please contact your Faculty listed on the spreadsheet and inform them that they will be receiving an email from the Dean regarding their consent needed for the background check.

All other staff/volunteers
An email notification will be sent from HR to all other employees listed on the spreadsheet to inform them that they will be receiving an email from HireRight requesting their consent for the background check. Please stress to staff/volunteers how important it is that they follow the directions of the email and submit the online consent in a timely manner.

When all background checks are complete, you will receive an email that contains a copy of your department's spreadsheet and approved volunteer letters, if applicable.

UW-Madison Criminal Background Check Policy

For questions please contact your HR Rep.

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