Employment History for Grad Students

The purpose of the document is to explain the features of the Employment History for Grad Students query.

Employment History for Grad Students
  • File folder path: MADISON/Student/Graduate/Grad Assistants,Fellow, and Trainees
  • Provides a list of all campus jobs held by students in the selected program.

What answers can I find?

Reports available in this query:

  • What jobs have the students in my program had in the past and/or have currently?
  • At what rates have the students in my program been paid in the past and/or are paid currently?
  • What are the employee IDs for the students in my program?
The Export Data section allows you to create a customized data set for export to spreadsheet.

Query Parameter Page:


Sample Report:
Grad Appointment History Pivot



This query uses data views from the Data Warehouse to identify the student population for the selected term and then matches that list to HR data in EPM. The list will reflect students who are/were active in the program/plan selected for in the selected term regardless of whether they had an appointment in that term. Students who are missing data either have no employment history or have an error with their student account connecting with their payroll account.

Fields are selected from the EPM view UW_HR_ALLJOB_VW for the job periods for each combination of Emplid, Empl Rcd and UW Job Start Date.

These three fields identify different period of employment, and if a position number is used, there may be different Position Numbers for each job period. If a job period is active, the data is as of "today". If the job period is in the past, the job data is as of the end of the job period.

If the job period is in the future, the job data is as of the start of the job period.

If there is a date in UW Job End Date that is prior to today, the job period has has "terminated". If the UW Job Begin Date is after today, the job period is a future job.

The "Actual Pay" field is the UW Comp Rate multiplied by the FTE to give the amount that the total annual amount the student is actually earning.

UW Pay Basis Values:

A = Annual (12 months)
C = Academic (9 months - not paid over the summer)
H = Hourly
L = Lump Sum
S = Summer Session

Data views used:


Search either the InfoAccess Data View page or the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Data Warehouse page for data definitions to the data views used in the Query Library.

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