HRS EPM Control Tables

The purpose of the document is to explain the features of the HRS EPM Control Tables query.

HRS EPM Control Tables
  • File folder path: MADISON/Student/Graduate/Grad Assistants,Fellow, and Trainees
  • Provides data sets of control (lookup/prompt) table values for HRS -EPM.

What answers can I find?

Reports available in this query:

  • Where can I find a report that lists some of the HRS prompt table codes and their descriptions (such as Earnings Codes)?
  • Where can I find a report that provides the HRS codes and their related descriptions for Actions/Action Reasons?
  • Where can I find a report that provides the HRS codes and their related descriptions for Empl Class?
The Export Data section allows you to create a customized data set for export to spreadsheet.

Query Parameter Page:


Sample Report:
Building Location Control Table Data



Action Code:
In the course of maintaining information in the Administer Workforce business process, changes to worker data resulting from such activities as promotions, transfers, terminations, pay rate changes, and leaves of absence will be entered. Each of these activities is called a "personnel action" and they will be used to enter and update employee data on the Job Data - Work Location page. Depending on the Action selected, the Action sets the HR Status and Employee Payroll Status to active or inactive.

Action Reason Code:
The reason an employee's job or employment information is updated. The action reason is entered along with a corresponding reason: an action of Hire may be entered with a reason of Original/New hire, or an action of Termination may be entered with a reason of Resignation.

Empl Status:
Employee Payroll Status - Indicates the payroll status of the employee such as active, leave, terminated, retired, etc.

Comp Frequency:
Compensation Frequency - The system uses compensation frequencies for the calculation and proration of pay rates during batch and online system processes. This is the top frequency on the Compensation page.

Data views used:

  • Uw_P_Action
  • Uw_P_Actn_Rsn
  • Uw_P_Pay_Group
  • Uw_P_Empl_Class
  • Uw_P_Sal_Plan
  • Uw_P_Sal_Grd
  • Uw_P_Psxlatitem
  • Uw_P_Dept
  • Uw_P_Frequency
  • Uw_P_Earnings
  • Uw_P_Locatn

Search either the InfoAccess Data View page or the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Data Warehouse page for data definitions to the data views used in the Query Library.

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