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This document will walk you through how to run a “Sick Leave Reduction Report.” This report identifies which employees have a sick leave reduction due to a missing leave report(s). Employees who do not submit their missing leave reports by the fiscal year end deadline will have a reduction in their sick leave. Employees who do not file a report in one or more months of any year shall not be permitted to accrue more than 8.5 days (68 hours) for annual employees or 6.4 days (51.2 hours) if they are an academic year Faculty, Academic Staff, or Limited Appointment employee, pursuant to §40.05(4)(bp)1., Wis. Stats. Sick leave reduction can be avoided by turning in all the missing leave reports for the last fiscal year before the November deadline (Normally this is the Payroll Confirm date, but deadline will be communicated to the administrators in advance).

Important! If the report is run by Department it will show employees and their missing reports for that Department only. If the report is run by Employee ID (Empl_ID), it will show the missing reports for ALL departments and ALL employee records.

  • Late entry of leave reports should be entered to record leave usage however if entered after the deadline, it will not reverse a SL reduction.  


  1. Navigate to: UW Absence Management Reports > Sick Leave Reduction Report

  2. If you have never created a Run Control ID:

    • Click "Add a New Value" and enter a Run Control ID (this can be your initials, name, or any other identifier you choose) and click Add button.

    Add a New Value

  3. If you have created a Run Control ID:

    • Either enter your Run Control ID and click Search or
    • Click Search and select your Run Control ID

    Find an Existing Value

  4. Enter parameters for the Sick Leave Reduction Report. Then click "RUN" to proceed.

    Report Request Parameters:

    • Department ID: Select this option if you want to run the report at the department level. If you do not know the department code, then you can search for it by clicking on the “9.2 search icon” icon.  To choose the whole Campus,type your campus letter and use the % sign. (ex. Y%)
    • Employee ID: Select this option if you want to generate a report for a particular employee.
    • Excel Output: If you want the report to be generated in an Excel format, select the check-box for the additional Output.
    • Comp Frequency: To select only the 9-Month(9M)employees, click the 9M radio button. To select only 12-Month (12M) employees, click the 12M radio button. To chose both populations, click the "Both" radio button. 


  5. On the Process Scheduler Request page, make sure the check box is selected. Then click OK. You will return back to the original screen.

    Process Scheduler Request

  6. Click on the Process Monitor link to view the status of your report. This directs you to the Process List screen.

    Process Monitor

  7. On this screen, look for your process instance and click "Details" when Run Status reads "Success" and Distribution Status reads "Posted". Click the yellow refresh button until it is successfully posted.

    Process List

  8. On Process Details screen, click on the View Log/Trace hyperlink to check the output file.

    Process Detail

  9. Locate the File List and find the PDF and excel file to view the Sick Leave Reduction Report.

    View Log Trace

  10. The following is a Blank sample of the PDF and Excel version of "Sick Leave Reduction Report" for reference. The Sick Leave Reduction Report can be run by employee or by department.



  11. The report generated can be saved on a local computer or it can also be retrieved from the HRS at a later time.


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