L&S University Staff: Overtime and Compensatory Time Policy

This document provides information on the College of Letters & Science policy for overtime and compensatory time for non-exempt university staff.

Departments have been delegated authority to approve overtime hours as needed up to 120 hours annually for their non-salaried non-exempt university staff. This overtime limit is applied on a fiscal-year basis and is prorated for part-time employees. While it is important to hold overtime to a reasonable level due to morale and stress, it is equally important to compensate employees for all hours worked. Prior approval is required for overtime hours exceeding the 120 hour limit in a fiscal year.  Requests to exceed the 120 hour limit should be sent to your HR Associate Director before the employee works the overtime.

The College will cover the cost of overtime for staff paid on general purpose revenue funds (101) up to the 120 hours limit. Please note that overtime approvals and denials should be based solely on need, and all reasonable requests from qualified employees in the work unit should be given appropriate consideration to work overtime. If an employee is denied the ability to work overtime, the employee must be given clear reasons for the denial.

Employees should not work overtime unless specifically authorized by or requested by the supervisor. Employees may either be paid for approved overtime and/or they may receive compensatory time.

The federal Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) and compensation plan determine whether a position is eligible for overtime compensation and the amount of compensation they are eligible for. Under the FLSA, there are two types of employment, exempt and non-exempt. Exempt employment is normally not eligible for overtime compensation as these positions are generally considered salaried positions. Non-exempt employees must be compensated either with pay or compensatory time at the rate of time and one-half for all hours in excess of 40 hours a week. Please refer to the Overtime Policy for information on how the overtime provisions affect specific positions.

For questions about the overtime policy or provisions, please contact your HR Associate Director.

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