Office 365 (Apple Mail / Calendar) - Create an appointment from an email message

This document describes how to create an appointment in your calendar from an email message.

Note: This process will include the email message as an attachment within the calendar event/appointment you create.

  1. With both Apple Mail and iCal open (two separate windows), select the message in Apple Mail that you wish to add to your calendar.

    Click on the message you wish to create an appointment for.

  2. Holding down the mouse button, drag the selected message over to your calendar in iCal.  When hovered over the calendar, release the mouse button.  This will drop the message into your calendar.

    Select the message and, holding down the mouse button, drag the message into iCal.  Release the mouse button.

  3. Click on iCal to make it the active window.  You will then see the message you drag-and-dropped in your calendar with the details box open next to it.

    Click the text box and begin typing to change the appointment name, as well as make other changes in the Details box.

  4. Chances are, you won't want to keep the default details, such as the appointment name and the date and time.  You can change the appointment name by clicking the default name to highlight it and then typing the name you want.  Make any other necessary changes to the appointment and then click Done when finished.

    When finished with changes, click Done in the lower right-hand corner of the Details box.

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