Learn@UW/D2L - Submitting Electronic Grades from Learn@UW/D2L to your Student Information System (SIS)

The Learn@UW/D2L e-Grade Submission process begins within the Learn@UW/D2L gradebook and ends with the grade approval and posting process within the campus student information system (SIS). The Learn@UW/D2L process allows instructors to "Send" a grade file from their course and "Import" the file into their grade rosters within their SIS.

To successfully submit your grades through Learn@UW/D2L, it is necessary to complete ALL of the following steps.

Preparing the Gradebook in Learn@UW/D2L

For submission to work properly, the gradebook must first be properly configured in Learn@UW/D2L.

Step 1: Create a Grade Scheme

A grade scheme must be applied to the final grade to send a letter grade to your SIS. If you already have a valid letter grade scheme within your course or organization, you can skip to Step 2: Apply the Grade Scheme.

Before preparing your scheme, it is necessary to calculate the percent cutoffs for each grade, regardless of whether the weighted or points system is used (for example: 90% and above = A).

NOTE: A grade scheme cannot be created based on the point cutoffs for each grade.

To create a new grade scheme:

  1. Click on Grades in the course navbar then click on Schemes.
  2. Click on the New Scheme button to begin creating your scheme.
  3. For your reference, give your scheme a Name and Short Name.
  4. Click Add Ranges link at the bottom to add blank rows to fill out for all of the required grades.
  5. Enter the Symbol and Start % for each grade, A-F.
    • Explanation of scheme properties:
      • Symbol: The symbol is the letter grade. For example: A, B, C, etc., AB, BC, etc., or A, A-, B+, etc.
      • Start %: The start % is the lowest possible percent earned for this grade. For example, to give an "A" to students who score between 90 and 100% in the course, enter "90" into this textbox.
      • Color: Background color that displays for this grade within the gradebook. This is optional.
      • Assigned Value: This is for populating selectbox grade item types. This is optional.
    • The start percent must be a percent, not a point value.
    • AB, BC, and other combined letter grade symbols must be entered without any slashes ("/" or "\").
  6. Click Save. You will be presented with a graphical representation of your scheme. This is a good way to check that your grade ranges are accurate.

Step 2: Apply the Grade Scheme

The letter grade scheme can be applied to either the entire course's gradebook or to just the Final Adjusted Grade. If you already have a valid letter grade scheme applied to your gradebook or to the Final Adjusted Grade, you can skip to the next step.

To apply scheme to entire gradebook:

  1. Click on Schemes.
  2. In the table, find the grade scheme you want to use then click on the check mark within that scheme's row. This will set the scheme as the default scheme for this course's gradebook.

To apply scheme to the Final Grade:

  1. Go to Manage Grades.
  2. Click on the Final Adjusted Grade item.
  3. Under the Grading heading, click on the drop down menu for Grade Scheme. Select the scheme you want to use.
  4. Under the Display Options heading, check to make sure the Grade Scheme Symbol option is checked for both Student View and Managing View. If they're not, check the Override check box on each then check the Grade Scheme Symbol option. The Scheme Symbol will not display in the gradebook if these are not checked.
  5. Click the Save and Close button.

Problems with grade schemes

I cannot see the letter grade in Final Adjusted Grade.

The letter grade looks incorrect.

Step 3: Calculate Final Grades

After you have the letter grade scheme set up, you need to calculate the Final Adjusted Grade to make sure it is populated with a score.

Two things to note:

To manually calculate Final Grades:

  1. On the Enter Grades screen, click on the down arrow icon next to either Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade.
  2. Select Grade All from the menu.
  3. At the top of this page, click on the down arrow icon next to the Final Grades heading.
  4. Select Recalculate All from the menu.
  5. Select Final Adjusted Grade then click the Calculate button.
  6. In the list, select all the items that should be within the final grade calculation. If all items should be selected, click on the checkbox at the very top of the table to select all. Then, click the Calculate button.
  7. You will see a warning pop-up informing you that all the current scores for the final grade will be overwritten. Note that this warning will show even if you haven't already calculated them or they are currently blank. Click OK to proceed.
  8. After processing, you will see a Saved Successfully window at the bottom of the screen. It may take some time for this recalculation to process, especially with larger classes or gradebooks. There is a wait of approximately one minute for every 100 students being recalculated.

Problems with grade recalculation

I received an error or my browser crashed.

In some large classes, grade calculation cannot be completed all at once; it is instead necessary to recalculate grades in chunks.

  1. While in the Final Grades screen, under View By, select Groups from the drop down menu. Click the Apply button.
  2. In the drop down menu next to Groups, select the group section you want to display.
  3. Click on the down arrow icon next to Final Grades heading at the top of the screen, and repeat the process for recalculating grades as described above.
  4. Select the next section of the same section type in the Groups menu and repeat the process for all sections in that section type until all student's grades are updated.

The Grade Submission Process

Things to be aware of prior to submission

Step 4: Send Grades to My SIS

The actual grade submission process requires that grades first be sent from Learn@UW/D2L then be imported and verified within your SIS.

To submit your grades to your SIS for review:

  1. Go to Enter Grades.
  2. Make sure that Users is selected in the View By drop down menu and verify that your students' grades are correct in the Final Adjusted Grade column.
  3. Click Export to SIS button. Please be patient until you receive a response from Learn@UW/D2L. If you receive an error, wait a few minutes before try clicking the Export to SIS button again.
  4. After clicking the Export to SIS button and receiving a success message, the export process will begin. It may take some time before your grades will display for import within your SIS.

Problems with sending grades

I do not see an option to send final course grades to my SIS.

Step 5: Import Grades into your SIS

After sending grades from Learn@UW/D2L, and waiting several minutes, grades can be imported into your SIS. Once in your SIS, the following steps will need to be done to complete the grade posting process to your SIS:

  1. Check that your grades are ready for import. An Import button will be available if they're ready.
  2. Import the grades by clicking on the Import button.
  3. Approve the grades.
  4. A Registrar process will post the grades.
Because the above steps may be slightly different depending on your campus, they are not described in detail here. If you need help, contact your local campus Registrar's office or Learn@UW/D2L Site Administrator.