EPD - Instructor Resources - Camtasia 2018 - Sharing a Project File (Mac)

Instructions on how to export Camtasia project file to Box using Mac.

These steps are for those that will need help in producing and exporting their presentation videos recorded with Camtasia 2018 for Mac. The first step is to make sure to save files in the way that will allow them to be shared.

To save the Camtasia project file as a Standalone Project File:
  1. In Camtasia for Mac, select File → Save As.
  2. Select the "Create standalone project" option (this is what allows for the project file to be shared across computers).
  3. Click Save.

File > Save As

Create standalone project

Now the Camtasia project file needs to be zipped in order to upload it to your Box course development folder.
  1. Locate the Camtasia project file in the Mac Finder.  This is usually a .cmproj file.
  2. Make sure the file is selected, and then choose File Compress... (see screenshot).
  3. This will create a new file with the same name as the selected file, but with a .zip file extension.

Compress to zip file

Now the resulting zip file can be uploaded to your Box course development folder, allowing the EPD LDT team to have access to produce the Camtasia project file into a finalized MP4 video.

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