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Option 1: Entering Individual Grades (and comments) from the Individual Assignment Grade Sheet

1. Select "Grades" link from the Administration/Settings Block in the UW-Moodle Course site.

2. Click on a particular Assignment title from Assignments List.

3. Click View/grade all submissions from assignment details screen.

4. This will present a list of all students for the particular assignment, with an editable box for the grade, and an optional comment.  Must make sure "Quick Grading" is selected (see below).

5. Make sure "Quick Grading" mode is on at the bottom of the screen. If there are no text boxes in the grade column and comments column, then scroll to the bottom of the form, and make sure to check the Quick Grading option. The page should reload with all the text boxes to enter grades.

6. ALWAYS make sure to click the Save all quick grading changes button often, otherwise all your grades and comments in progress could be lost.

7. Return to this same screen to edit or add additional grades or comments at any time.

Option 2: Quick Editing of Grades in the Grader Report

1. Select "Grades" link from the Administration/Settings Block in the UW-Moodle Course site. This will go into the Grader Report screen.

2. To edit grades, make sure you are in edit mode by Clicking the Turn editing on button at the top right. This will show the text boxes in ALL fields to add a grade or change an existing one across all assignments.

 turn on editing in the uw-moodle grader report screen. UW-Moodle Grader Report for adding/editing grades. 

3. In editing mode, as the mouse  hovers over a cell in the table, there is a small message box indicating current assignment and student name so that no horizontal scrolling has to be done to see if the correct grade is being put in for the correct student.

4. When finished, be sure to click Update at the bottom of the form to save all your changes or they will not be saved.

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