Office 365 (Apple Mail) - Check Spelling and/or Grammar

This document explains how to check spelling and/or grammar using Apple Mail. These instructions are for Mac OS 10.9, but are likely to be similar for Mac OS 10.5-8.

To check spelling and/or grammar:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the message.
  2. In the menu, highlight Spelling and Grammar.


    • Show Spelling and Grammar: Checks the spelling and grammar of a selection.
    • Check Document Now: Highlights the first error in your document. Press Command-Semicolon (;) to hop to the next error.
    • Check Spelling: Highlights spelling errors in red. You can set it to check for spelling errors as you type or before you send the message.
    • Check Grammar with Spelling: Highlights spelling errors in red, and grammatical errors in green.
    • Correct Spelling Automatically: Corrects spelling automatically.

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