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Aerosol Generating Activities

When choosing more than one containment option for an activity, explain when the different forms of containment are used in the “Containment More Than One” section.  For example, “activities with E. coli K12 are performed on a lab bench with no containment used; work with human cells is performed in a BSC.”

Biological Materials Outside of Containment

If any activity in the “Aerosol generating activities” section is performed without containment on the benchtop, it should be addressed in this section. A brief description of the work being done and the agents worked with is sufficient. For instance, “All culturing and plasmid prep of E. coli K12 will be performed outside of containment.”

Flow Cytometry Containment

For work performed at the UWCCC flow cytometry laboratory,, contact the staff to determine what type of containment is appropriate for the materials you are sorting.

Still have questions? Call the Office of Biological Safety (OBS) at 608-263-2037. We are happy to help!