Learn@UW/D2L - Possible Problems Sending Email to Many Recipients

This document describes possible problems with sending email to a large number of recipients from within the Learn@UW application.

There is a limit of 4100 characters for the string of email addresses (strung together with a semicolon separator) in each of the "To:", "Cc:", and "Bcc:" fields in the email composer interface. This typically imposes a limit of 100 to 200 recipients per message sent, depending upon the lengths of the email addresses.

This is a known issue.

If you select the Email button in the Classlist tool and then the Send Email button in "Email Classlist" to send an email message to the entire class in a course with many students, it is possible that the 4100 character limit will be exceeded. In that case, the string of email addresses will be truncated at the last address that would force the length of the string to be within the limit. This means not everybody would receive the email message and no warning message is issued.

To determine if your email message is sent to all intended recipients, you could place your email address at the end of the list and see if you receive it.

Possible workarounds are:

Note: Currently, the mail servers are set to send email messages to up to 1000 recipients at a time. This limit should never be reached when the string of email addresses is within the 4100 character limit.