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The PI or read/write personnel can start the renewal.  Go to the protocol workspace for the protocol you wish to renew.  On the left hand side of the page you will see a blue button that says Create Amendment/Renewal:

Create amend

Click on the button to begin the renewal.

The following page will be displayed:


Indicate that this is a renewal and provide a brief summary of any changes being made.  Click “finish”.   The system will then begin to make a copy of your protocol.  This may take several minutes depending on the system traffic.  When it is finished, the amendment/renewal workspace will open:

New Amend

The renewal will be given a temporary designation of “AM” in the protocol number (i.e. B00000036-AM) until it is approved.  You may only have one amendment/renewal open at a time for a protocol.

If the renewal does not open, you can also find it by clicking “My Home” tab.  The renewal will be in your My Inbox.

To make changes to the protocol, click on “Edit Amendment”:
Edit Amend

Please note that if you want to modify the grant and personnel sections, you will have to create a grant/personnel change or GP.  Renewals are submitted the same way a protocol is by clicking the Submit Protocol to OBS button within the protocol workspace.  Once the renewal is approved it will be saved as the full protocol and will return to its original protocol number (i.e. B00000036).

Still have questions? Call the Office of Biological Safety (OBS) at 608-263-2037. We are happy to help!!

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