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Instructions on how to embed a Twitter feed into your D2L course.

1. Create a new Widget.
    Note: For instructions on how to create a widget, click here. For the purposes of embedding a Twitter feed, you can stop after step four in that kb article.
2. After giving your Widget a name, click on the Content tab.
3. Click on the HTML Source Editor toward the bottom of the Contents box.
    Shows where the HTML Source Editor is in the Content tab.
4. Open up Twitter and navigate to the feed that you wish to add to your widget.
5. Click on the cog in the upper right and click on Settings.
6. Click on Widgets on the left side.
7. Click Create New.
8. After going through the Widget, click on Create Widget.
9. Copy and paste the code into HTML Source Editor you navigated to in Step 3.
10. In the code you copied over you will need to modify the part that says "data-widget-id="">. Go back to your Twitter page and copy the number listed after /widgets/ in the web address.
11. Once you have that number, paste it between the quotes listed after id.
12. Click Save and then click on Save and Close.
13. Navigate to the course homepage to see the Twitter feed.

If you need more guidance on how to do this process, it is recommended that you view this video. Since it was created by a different university, the steps will not be exact but they are close.

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