WiscIT Powered by Cherwell: Known Issues List

This document lists known issues and possible work arounds in WiscIT Powered by Cherwell, for a complete list of issues being worked on, visit the JIRA page: https://jira.doit.wisc.edu/jira/browse/WISCIT

Known Issues in Cherwell

Installed Client: Journal section resizes to the bottom each time a ticket is opened or viewed

  • Issue: If you drag the Journal bar up from the bottom, when you view another incident, the Journal bar is back at the bottom.
  • Workaround: No known workaround, this is not a customizable feature. To quickly increase the size of the Journal section, you can double click on the Journal tab and it will raise to the top of the screen, double clicking on the tab again will return it to the bottom. 

What happens to imbedded images and attachments?

  • Issue: When you email a customer or receive an email from a customer within WiscIT, how do you view the attachments or imbedded photos received from a customer?
  • Workaround: If you receive an email that contained an attachment, the attachment will be added in the attachment toolbar at the top of the incident.
  • If the image was imbedded in the email, ask the customer to resend the email with the image/file as an attachment. When the email is added into WiscIT it is added as plain text which removes the imbedded image. Certain email clients send CSS code which crashes the email handler. This is tracked in JIRA WiscIT-298, 202.

Viewing Multiple Incidents at the Same Time

  • Issue: How can you view multiple incidents at the same time?
  • Workaround: The web client does not have this ability, you can only view one incident at a time. Within the Installed client you can click on File-->New Window or if you are viewing incidents in a grid, right click on the incident you wish to open and select Go To Record in New Window.

Journals are difficult to read and there are a lot of entries

  • Issue: There is a lot of journal entries and a lot of them appear to be system data
  • Workaround: Use the Concatenated Journal View above the Description field for a list of all journals in chronological order.

Web Client: Unable to print CIs, CRs, or tasks

  • Issue: Unable to print CI's, CRs, or tasks from the web client.
  • Workaround: This is a known limitation of web client, use the thick client to print these items.

Web Client: Reports don't print the correct incident

  • Issue: When running a report in the Web Client, it will use the first incident from when the report was created vs. the current incident.
  • Workaroound:  Run the report from the Thick Client.

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