WiscWebCMS - Responsive Template (rst) - Adding and Using Accordion Panel

This document explains how to add, utilize, and edit the Accordion Panel content block.

Adding the Accordion Panel

  1. Navigate to the page on which you want to add an accordion panel.

  2. In order to add an Accordion Panel, you must click on the button that allows for Open Page for Editing. Then click on Manage Main Content.

  3. Select Create and Connect Page.

  4. Select Accordion Panel Group.

  5. Upon adding an Accordion Panel Block, you will then be able to add and manage the Panels themselves with its Block settings.

  6. Click on Manage Accordion Panels and then select Create and Connect Page. It will let you enter a title here that will serve as a branch name viewable under SmartTree mode, and then an actual Accordion Panel will then appear. Naming the Block Title will give your Accordion Panel a title above the Accordion Panel Block (not visible to any person browsing the website not through WWCMS - It shows up as larger regular text).

  7. Upon adding more than 1 Accordion Panel, you will be able to highlight and select different panels that each have their own Manageable Content Blocks where you can add even more content by clicking on Open accordion panel rather than "Open accordion panels", which the latter will allow for editing the Accordion Panel Block; hence, all of the Panels you've created under that block.

  8. You will notice that upon selecting another Accordion Panel it automatically closes and slides open the panel you've selected. This is essentially the feature of the Accordion Panel Group.

Naming Panels Individually

There are 2 ways to edit the title of individual Accordion Panels.

The first way is on SmartEdit. By clicking on "Open accordion panel" you'll then see underneath the same button a section named "Panel Title". By clicking on the red button, you'll then see a pop up window where you'll be able to rename the selected Accordion Panel. 

The second way is through SmartTree. If you're going into SmartTree from SmartEdit, you would want to be on the same page with the Accordion Panel content on it, so you wouldn't have to navigate through Smart Tree from the Table of Contents. Once you find the Accordion Panel, which on SmartTree is what you named the content class from creation. You can then navigate to the Action Menu on the right and edit the Panel's name through "Edit Elements via Form".

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