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This document explains how to add an Aside Box and informs users on its uses.

Adding the Aside Box

In order to add an Aside Box, you must click on the button that allows for "Open Page for Editing". Then click on "Manage ____ Content".

Upon clicking "Manage ____ Content" the Management Server window will pop up, and you must select "Create and Connect Page".

The Content Blocks folder should be accessible, you will find "Aside Box" and be able to select it.

Aside Box Settings

Once the Aside Box Block has been added, you can edit 3 settings of the Aside Box from SmartEdit upon clicking the red dot next to "Block Settings".

  1. Block Title
    • Editing the Block Title will allow you to title the Aside Box's topmost, shaded area.

  2. Block Width
    • Editing the Block Width will allow you to adjust the width of the Aside Box.

  3. Allignment
    • This will allow you to adjust the alignment of the Aside Box to Left, Right or Center of the content area.

Aside Box Utility

You'll notice that the Aside Box allows for additional manageable content with the "manage aside content" red dot, editing button. Though it's best used for content requiring the least amount of space, the area is best used for the organization of links and brief RSS feeds, as shown in the image below.

You can place multiple content blocks stacked atop one another as if you were to never add an aside box in the first place, allowing for this 2 block example of a Text Area on top of an RSS Feed.

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