Learn@UW/D2L - How to Attach an "orphan" Course Offering to a Template

This document is for Site Administrators only.

This document describes how an administrator can attach an "orphan" course offering to a course template.

Problems will likely arise if a course offering is not attached to a course template or "orphaned":

To attach the course offering to a course template, do the following:
  1. Select the Org Unit Editor from the Admin Tools.
  2. You will need to know the name and org code of both the Course Template you want to assign as a parent. If you already know this, go to Step 7. If not, find this information.
  3. Use Search Org Units (upper right) to begin your search for the Course Template.
  4. Set the Filter by Type: to Course Template
  5. When you find the desired Course Template, note the Code.
  6. Return to the Org Unit Editor screen (link in the upper left).
  7. In the More Actions menu, select View Orphans.
  8. Set the Filter by Type: to Course Offering.
  9. In the list of orphaned course offerings, find the orphan you need to attach to the template.
  10. Either check the box next to the course offering and then click the blue Assign Parent button, or pull down the context menu next to the course offering name and select the Assign Parent option.
  11. From the popup window, search for and select the Org Unit (template) you want to assign to this orphan using the Code you found in Step 5.
  12. Press the blue Update button in the lower left corner.