Blackboard Collaborate Original - Small Group Meeting Template (UW-Madison)

Use cases and descriptions for using Blackboard Collaborate for a Small Group Meeting.

(Note: This is for Blackboard Collaborate Original only, if you are looking for help or information on Collaborate Ultra, go here

Small Group Meeting
:  (Less than 6)

Examples: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or otherwise ongoing Department Chair Meeting, Executive Committee Meeting etc.

Tools Needed: Video, Audio, Application Sharing, Chat, File Transfer.

Recommended Organization:  For small groups you should  take the first meeting to simply get all participants comfortable with the tool and its features so all participants can use all tools.  Always select someone to "host" or be head moderator and actually run the meeting.
To ensure the session runs smoothly, log-on 15-30 minutes early to set-up audio and video and load content.

For more in-depth explanations of the different Collaborate Tools, please visit the following website and click on the tool name in the index: