Blackboard Collaborate Original - Activating Telephony (UW-Madison)

How to use the Telephony feature of Blackboard Collaborate for audio in a web conference. Using Telephony is a great work around to get more than 6 simultaneous talkers on a Blackboard Collaborate web conference.

(Note: This is for Blackboard Collaborate Original only, if you are looking for help or information on Collaborate Ultra, go here
To activate the Telephony feature of Blackboard Collaborate, simply click on the tools menu, scroll down to Telephony and click "Use Telephone for Audio"


This will open a dialogue box with two telephone numbers, one for participants and one for moderators.  Simply call the number and follow the instructions on your screen to switch to Telephony for audio.  (Note: The PIN generated is unique to the session, once you and/or your participants have the PIN, you can use the same PIN anytime you are in that session, even if you leave the session for an indefinite time)
Telephony Numbers

Please note that the number given is a Virginia number and is long distance, this could be an issue for people using landlines.  Also note that all telephony users will get lumped onto the same stream, so if you create breakout rooms, they will all have to be part of the same break out room.  Finally, be aware that you as the moderator cannot control the audio of telephony users, you cannot turn off their Telephony nor can you mute them.  You will need to remind them to mute themselves or to be conscious of any background noise at their location.