The Instructional Form (IF)

The Instructional Form (IF) is the source of information for Extension Registration Services (USI) setup. It also is the place where PIRs are created and publication information (online and printed) is created. Like the Financial Planning Form, the creation of this document and data set is done by clicking through a set of tabs on the left side of the screen. The steps are outlined in the following documents:

  1. IF-Program Data
  2. IF-Program Credits
  3. IF-Program Categories
  4. IF-Fee Types
  5. IF-Registration Charges
  6. IF-UWEX Registration Data
  7. How to Use the LMS Spaces Tab
  8. IF-Relationships
  9. IF-Relationships-Presenters-PIR
  10. IF-Relationships-Participants
  11. IF-Public Catalogs
  12. IF-Final Steps