UW Foundation Accounting Structure, 2014

Quick overview of several accounting changes instituted by UW Foundation in September, 2014.

The website wasn't the only thing that changed when UW Foundation launched their new Advancement Resources website, the home of the ABE constituent management system and the fund management and reporting system.  Several changes were made to the UW Foundation accounting system at the same time.  These changes are summarized below.

Fund Numbers and Fund Structure

Old fund numbers were 7 or 8 characters long.  12- identified expendable accounts.  32- identified endowments.  All 32- accounts had a paired 12- account to accept donations, and typically those donations were swept into the principal of the 32- endowment account every quarter.

New fund numbers are all 9 characters long.  If the old fund number had 8 characters, the new fund number is the same as the old number with a "1" in front.    If the old fund number had 7 characters, the new fund number is the same as the old number with a "1" in front and a "0" on the end.  112- identifies expendable accounts.  132- identifies endowments.  Old 32- and 12- pairs have been combined into a single 132- account.

New Account Structure

Foundation has created a new account structure:
  • 1000 Short-term Spendable Cash  =  Money from donations that is spendable.
  • 1005 Spend Plan Income Available = Spendable interest earnings from your endowment principal.
    • Total Spendable Amount = Short-term Spendable Cash + Spend Plan Income Available.
  • 1010 Cash To Be Endowed = Donations intended to be invested into the endowment, and therefore is unspendable.
  • 1150 Fund Book Value = The actual amount of money invested.
  • 1160 Fund Market Value (Incr.) = The increase or decrease of the money that has been invested.
    • Total Fund Value = Fund Book Value + Fund Market Value.
  • 1240 Pledges Receivable = Outstanding Pledges.  Money promised but not yet received.

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