admissions annual aba questionnaire

How to make sure the excel file with matriculation data is uploaded.

Annual ABA Questionnaire

Easiest way to make sure the upload works:
1) Download the data
2) Download the template (when looking at that ABA page with the admissions questions, it’s in the top right along with a link to instructions).
3) Copy/Paste the data into the template, make sure to leave row 1 (the column headers) alone.
4) upload the template document

Specific errors that we ran into:
1) the excel sheet needs to be named “Import” instead of “Sheet1”
2) column headers from the template need to be present
3) non-ascii characters throw errors (i.e. accents over “e”s).

For error 3), there is red text that appears *above* the question.  That had me stumped for a bit until I realized that successful results go into the question, errors go above the quest in red text.  It will tell you which line has a non-conforming character.

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