The Participant Tab lists all participants in a particular program. This list can be populated in various ways but the most common way is an import from Extension Registration System software - USI. Participants also can be manually added or imported from an excel file.

In this example above, these participants were downloaded from USI.  These downloads happen routinely so the data for an upcoming program is changing constantly.  There is a count of total participants at the bottom of the screen.  For OCPD (one CSIS department user) counts regarding Physicians and Non-Physicians are displayed.  These fields are not likely to be used by other departments. 

Note also the date field at the right.  This field defaults to the program date but some users record a participant's start and completion date for ongoing or asynchronous programs.   The fields in the blue bars across the top are also used by OCPD for accreditation purposes.

A common use of this screen is to email participants.  Use the Actions tab at the top right to "Check All" participants.  Or if only certain participants are to be contacted, use the check box by each name to select the desired individuals. 

Again use the Actions time to select "Email checked individuals," and a simple email editor appears.  At this point, the user enters a subject and a message.  There currently is not functionality for adding attachments or cc-ing individuals.  That feature is planned for the future.

Here is an example of what an email might look like:

When the "Send Email" button is clicked, a confirmation of the sending is given to the user.

The sender will receive a confirmation email in their default email in-box, indicating who the email was sent to and what the message was.  In the example below, only one individual was selected to email.  If multiple names are selected, they names will appear in a list in this confirmation email.

There are other functions that can be performed with the Actions tab. 

An individual can be removed by checking their name and then choosing "Remove Checked Relations."

An individual can be moved to a different program by checking their name and choosing "Move Checked Participants to a Different Program."  The system will prompt the user for a program number - the full string (9603-15-LAAS) must be entered.  Click OK - user will be prompted to confirm the action.  Click OK to confirm and the checked individual will be moved to the specified program.

Participants can be imported into CSIS from a tab-delimited text file.  See Directory - Import Individuals for specific instructions.

Participants can be exported to an Excel file.

The "Physician Course Roster" and "Non-Physician Course Roster" are used only by OCPD.

Users can also search for an individual in the CSIS data base to be added to a program.  This functions works in the same manor as adding Program Coordinators, Program Assistants, etc.  See FPF - Relationships for specifics on this functionality.  If an individual is searched for and not found, the system will prompt you to create that individual and add them to the CSIS Directory.  For more information on Directory functions, see Directory Tab .

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