Directory - Import Individuals

Directions on how to import individuals from a Tab-Delimited Text File follow:

Use the Actions tab to select Import Tab-Delimited Text File

Format the list of participants to be imported from Excel and save it as a "tab-delimited" text file.  The file should contain the following fields:

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Address - up to three address fields can be imported; note them as Address1, Address2, Address3

After clicking the "Import Tab-Delimited Text File," this screen appears:

Name the import so that it can be found in the system's log if needed.  Browse for the formatted file on your computer and select it.  Note the file name appears to the right of the "Browse" box once it is selected.  Leave the "Delimiting Character" filter set to "tab."  Click upload and the box for the next step appears:

Note that the number of records to be imported is displayed at the top of this box. 
User must enter a program number for the list to be imported to.  Note that as you begin to type a program number, a drop down appears with possible matches for your selection. 

Other fields here are optional.  They are most frequently used by OCPD to record credits in programs and produce credit letters.  If other fields are desired, check the box next to the field and enter the information to be uploaded.  Click Submit.

The next screen prompts the user to match the fields in the file to the fields in CSIS:

In the row under "Edit this column" are drop down boxes that contain the fields in CSIS that are available for imported.  Select each box and select the field that matches the field in the spreadsheet to be imported.

Use the check box to the left of this row to select all the records.  Next use the actions tab to "Import Checked Records."

Once that choice is selected, the system begins to immediately import the records.  There is no confirmation prompt here so be certain you have the information set correctly for import.  Once the import is complete, the screen shows which records were imported and identifies any potential duplicates:

When the "Verify Duplicate" link is clicked, information about the two records creating the possible duplicate appear and the user has the option of importing the new record or "don't import."  If you choose "don't import," the program will be added to the existing records programs.

Now the user can close the import window and go back to the identified program and view the participants.

Note that the date by each name is either the date they were imported or the start date of the program. 
  • Participant and Smith were added through the import, the date by their names is the date of the import.
  • Wang was the identified duplicate so the date by that name is the start date of the program.
  • Severson was added at the program level individually by searching for the name in the data base and adding that name as a participant in the program.  The date by this name is the start date of the program.

If you view these participants' records in the Directory, you will see this program listed under their "Programs/Participant" tab.  You can also access this person in the directory by clicking on their name in the "Participants" tab in the IF.  In this example, you see "Parker Smith" who was imported on Nov 4.  You see him as a participant in Program # 9801015-SL.  If he had participated in other programs, they would be listed here as well.

Return to the Super Document regarding the "Directory" for additional information on Directory functions:

Directory Tab

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