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This document lays out the activities for the notification process that takes place after the Service Center sends out emails to the Benefits Administrators and UW Employees with respect to ICI eligibility.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: ICI Annual Updates
Audience: Service Center and Benefits Administrators
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General Description

This document lays out the activities for the notification process that takes place after the Service Center sends out emails to the Benefits Administrators and UW Employees with respect to ICI eligibility.

Process Inputs

  • Deferred Process Output (Excel file found Process Monitor)

Process Outputs

  • Employee submitting the application in a timely manner

Process Considerations

  • Emails that are undeliverable or out-of-office


  • Email that are undeliverable or out-of-office
  • Employees reporting that they weren't notified
  • Office 2013 Users - See below for details

Procedure Steps

1. Institutions will receive two emails from the Service Center for the ICI Notification Process. The first email they will receive is an advanced copy of the email notification (that goes out to the employee) along with the employees who will need a hard copy letter sent out to them (those that receive a hard copy earnings statement).

2. The Benefits Administrator can immediately start mailing out the hard-copy letters to the employees identified as needing a hard copy of the letter. Employees who currently receive a hard copy earnings statement (and thus, may not have access to a computer during normal work hours) will receive a hard copy letter mailed directly to their home address from their individual institution benefits office. 

  Note: If you are running Office 2013, the mail merge will not work correctly until you resolve the issue with the following resource;

  • Institution benefits offices will be provided with a letter template and a file of data to merge into the template, thus producing a personalized letter for each eligible employee at their institution who is a hard copy earnings statement recipient.
  • A personalized web page will also be available for the hard copy earnings statement population, though it is understood that these employees may not have computer access to view the page (  This link to the page will be provided in the template letter so that employees may access the page if they have computer access.

3. A few days after the email is sent to the institutions, employees currently eligible to participate in the ICI Deferred Enrollment Period will receive an email in mid-January from the Service Center informing them of their opportunity to participate. Employees will be directed to their ‘institution benefits office’ for questions and to submit their ICI application.  This will be a general reference and emails will not be customized to reference each individual institution benefits office.

  • Delivery is verified by the fact that an email is not returned or undeliverable. Undeliverable emails and out-of-office replies will be monitored.  A spreadsheet will be prepared for each institution which lists undeliverable email recipients and those employees who will be out of the office or on leave beyond the ICI enrollment deadline.  Institutions will be asked to follow-up with these employees.

4. After the email is sent out to the the employees, the Service Center will gather the employees whose emails were undeliverable and/or out-of-office replies beyond the enrollment deadline. The Service Center will then send out their second email to the institution with the list of employees who were undeliverable and/or out-of-office.

5. The Benefits Administrator will then complete a "second round" of sending out hard copies of the letter to those identified individuals.

6. When the employee views the email, they will click on the link and upon authentication, the employee will be able to view their personalized information.  Employees will not be able to view data other than their own.

  • Depending on the employee’s specifications (i.e., University Staff (classified), Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited Appointment (FA/AS/LI) (unclassified), and eligibility for either standard or supplemental ICI), this page will display the employee’s personalized data such as current sick leave balance, annual salary, current ICI category, etc.
    • University Staff (Classified) Standard, eligible for supplemental coverage
    • University Staff (Classified) Standard, not eligible for supplemental coverage
    • University Staff (Classified) Supplemental
    • FA/AS/LI (Unclassified) Supplemental
    • FA/AS/LI (Unclassified) Standard, eligible for supplemental coverage
    • FA/AS/LI (Unclassified) Standard, not eligible for supplemental coverage

7. An extension of the notification process is the ability for institutions to answer questions and counsel employees on their ICI eligibility.  One of features of this page is the ability for administrators to enter an employee’s EMP ID and view the employee’s personalized ICI web page.  This quickly provides an employee’s specific  information to a benefits administrator that is providing counsel to an employee.

  • Navigate to the ICI Employee Letters section and enter the Employee's ID and then click Submit.

  • Review and consult (as necessary) using the information provided

8. If the employee is going to apply for ICI, it will need to be completed by January 30th.

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