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One of the two primary options for document and file collaboration, management, and sharing available at UW-Madison is the UW enterprise instance of Box.com. The other option is UW Google Apps (Google Docs and Google Sites).

UW-Madison Box Document Collaboration and Management 

All students, faculty and staff at UW-Madison have access to the campus enterprise instance of Box.com. This popular cloud-based tool is an industry leader and provides UW-Madison affiliated students, faculty, and staff with world-class document collaboration and management options. Access to UW-Madison Box is available via single login with a UW NetID. Each user account comes with 50GB of storage space. The links below provide additional information about the UW-Madison enterprise Box.com account.

Document Management

Upload, organize, and access files from anywhere with Internet connection. Upload files via drag and drop or selecting Upload > Upload Files or Upload Folders. Upload directly into a previously created folder by going to that folder, selecting the Drop-Down Menu > Upload to this Folder > Upload Files or Upload Folders. Chrome is the easiest web browser to use for bulk uploads. Finally, allow content to be added to folders via email.

Watch this short video on how to Upload and Manage Files.

File Sharing/Collaboration

Once the files are uploaded, they can be shared with others.

There are two Key Collaboration Methods:

1. Invited Collaboration
Collaboration invites are a great way to share content for long term projects. Using the individual's name or wisc.edu email address, the access level of each collaborator can be determined (from preview only to co-owner). Collaborators can be invited at the folder level. If a collaborator is an editor in a top-level folder, they will be an editor of the folders inside, too. To invite collaborators, identify the desired folder, click on the Down Arrow (More Options) Menu > Share >  Invite Collaborators.  Enter the first and last name or the UW email address of the invitee. Invited collaborators must have or create an account. Non-UW individuals can be added as collaboraters. 

2. Share Link
Share links are ideal for quick and easy sharing. Contacts with a shared link get access to the folders or individual documents via a weblink. Unlike collaboration, individuals accessing the content through a shared link get "read-only" access and will not be able to make changes to the files. They will be able to download them. Consider setting an auto-expiration for the shared link, a password, or disallow link recipients to download the file for added security. To share a link, select the desired file or folder and click Share or the hyperlink icon. Copy and paste the displayed link to the email or calendar event. The default audience is "People in your company" which means users would need to login. To allow anyone with the link to access, click on the down arrow next to the phrase and make needed changes. Click on the gear to adjust additional link access settings. 

Watch this short video on how to Collaborate and Share.


When sharing folders with others, it is helpful to have visibility of the changes that take place in those folders via notifications. Overall UW-Madison Box notifications can be managed by going to the Gear Menu > Account Settings. Notifications and selecting General Notifications. Folder-level notifications can be set by going to the individual folder, either Right Clicking or selecting the Down Arrow (More Options) Menu > Folder Properties > Email Options.

Watch this short video on how to Manage Notifications.

Box Edit

Box Edit is an add-on feature, which users can install, that allows them to edit files directly from UW-Madison Box without having to manually download and upload the file. The add-on is designed for many file types, browsers, and platforms, and Box Edit uses the default application installed on the computer to edit or create simple and centralized content. For example, .DOC and .DOCX files open in Microsoft Word, and .PPT and .PPTX files open in Microsoft PowerPoint, images open in Photoshop (if installed), CAD files open in AutoCAD, and so forth.

From the file drop-down options menu, select Edit. The first time that this is done, Box will prompt for Box Edit plug-in to be downloaded. After installation, select Edit again. This time, the program with which the document type is associated with on the local computer (i.e. MS Office, PowerPoint, etc.) will automatically load and the document will open for editing. A pop-up window will open and the document can be locked, preventing others from accessing it. If the document is locked, it will have to be manually unlocked when finished. When a document is locked, other users can view the document, but they cannot make edits. Any user with Editor or above permissions can unlock the document, even if they were not the ones to lock it. Any saves made while editing the document are then added as new versions to the same file stored in UW-Madison Box. Read more about using Box Edit.

Watch this short video on how to use Box Edit.

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