L&S AOF/CGRS: Information for Fellows

This document contains information for Community of Graduate Research Scholars (CGRS) in L&S. Topics include participation, admissions and funding, financial aid, health insurance, family and priority housing, registration, academic standing, tuition remission, the financial value of fellowships, and deferment.


The College of Letters & Science and the Graduate School of the University of Wisconsin-Madison have offered you this fellowship.  Thanks to your department's nomination and evaluation, you are among a select group of scholars who have been offered this prestigious award. 

L&S CGRS Participation

L&S Community of Graduate Research Scholars Fellows are required to participate in monthly programs and events throughout their graduate school enrollment.  Continuing graduate students will also have opportunities to mentor and assist incoming L&S CGRS Fellows. 

All Fall AOF events will be held virtually. More information to come. Dates for AOF Events for 2020-21:

Admissions and Funding

If you have provided your department and the Graduate School will all required documents, paid the $75 application fee, and for international students, provided evidence of adequate financial support for the duration of your program, your admission will be finalized soon. 

This fellowship offer represents the Graduate School's commitment towards your total support.  Your overall funding might consist of a fellowship, teaching or research assistantship.  Ask your department about your total funding package. 

Fellowships and Financial Aid

It is your responsibility to notify the Office of Student Financial Services of all money received or expected to be received including this Graduate School fellowship.  Receipt of a fellowship may affect the amount of financial aid that financial services can authorize. 

Health Insurance

Advanced Opportunity Fellows are eligible for comprehensive health insurance; some restrictions may apply. Contact your department administrator or payroll and benefits coordinator for more more information.

Family Housing: Priority Housing

As a fellow, your application for University family housing has priority.  

Registration and Academic Standing

As a fellowship recipient, you must enroll as a full-time student during the duration of your award, remain in good standing in your department, the Graduate School, and with your faculty advisor, and make satisfactory progress toward completing degree program requirements. 

Full-time study for fellows is a minimum of eight credits of graduate level course work (courses numbered 300 and above, not including audits or pass/fail) each semester.  Dissertators require three credits. 

Students with annual awards must also register for a minimum of two credits during the eight week (DHH) summer session (dissertators three credits).  You will only receive your stipend if your are properly registered. 

Remission of Tuition and Fees

The College of Letters & Science and the Graduate School pay tuition and fees for fellowship recipients during the fellowship year.  Students without summer awards (academic, or nine-month, awardees and spring semester awardees) pay only the resident tuition and fees if they attend the summer session. 

Supplementation Policy (concurrent appointments and awards)

You may hold an assistantship appointment (teaching, project or research assistantship) up to 33.33% concurrently with your fellowship.  Second year AOF Fellows may hold a higher percentage assistantship.  Check with the payroll department for more information. 

Value of Fellowships

The University Fellowship and the AOF Fellowship includes your stipend, full tuition (including segregated fees) and eligibility for health insurance.  Incoming University and AOF Fellows also receive a $600 welcome payment. 

Deferring an AOF (for incoming students only)

If you are an incoming student and you also receive an offer of a national award (NSF, Mellon) or a UW-Madison graduate assistantship, you may defer the University Fellowship for later use.  

For more information, or to send requests to defer your fellowship, please contact:

Nova Tebbe, L&S Teaching and Learning Administration Project Assistant
307 South Hall
1055 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706

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