BN - Benefit Primary Flag Assignment


When the system identifies employees with multiple, active, non-student help (SH) jobs, it will assign the Benefit Primary Flag according to pre-configured logic. If an employee's Benefit Primary Flag switches to a new job as a result of this logic. Benefits Administrators will review the employee's complete history by referencing Job Data and the Details hyperlink on the Maintain Flags Page. If necessary, Benefits Administrators will manually reassign the Benefit Primary Flag so that it is on the appropriate job.

  • Correct assignment of the Benefit Primary Flag is critical both for determining employee benefit eligibility, particularly in cases where the employee has multiple jobs, as well as ensuring that benefit deductions occur on each payroll.  If an employee is not paid on the job that is marked with the Benefit Primary Flag, deductions will not occur.  When an employee has multiple jobs, the Benefit Primary Flag assignment must be reviewed to ensure that the appropriate job has been designated as Primary and the employee will be routinely paid on that job.
  • Credentialed Users will review all Job Data and determine if the flag has been set on the correct job.  If not, the Benefit Administrator will reassign flags manually.  Once the determination that the flag was set properly has occurred OR a manual change to the employee's Benefits Primary Flag has been made. 

1.  Click the Link to Correct hyperlink next to the employee's name you are working on.  A second window will open directing you to the employee's Maintain Primary Flags page.

Link to Correct

2.  On the Primary Jobs Flags page, the job that is marked Benefits Primary for this individual should be checked.  There must always be at least one job designated as the Benefits Primary Job for each Benefit Record Number.

Flags Page

3.  Click on the Detail hyperlink to provide a summary of Job Data for that Employee Record.  Note that this page may not contain all of the data necessary to fully assess the Benefit Primary Flag assignment.

Flags Detail

4. Clicking on the Detail hyperlink will forward the user to another screen displaying basic information about the employee's Job Data as shown below.  If the Details page does not provide enough information to assess the assignment of the Benefit Primary Flag, click OK to navigate back to the Primary Jobs Flags page or click on the 'X' at the top of the tab to close the window.

OK to Close Flags

5.  Open a new Window by clicking the hyperlink in the upper right hand corner of the Home Page.

New Home Picture

6. Navigate to Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data.  Enter the employee's Empl_ID, click on the Include History button and click Search.  Click on the Job Information tab to evaluate the employee's eligibility criteria of Empl_Class and FTE.

Job Data 1

7.  Click on the UW Custom Tab to evaluate the employee's eligibility criteria of Continuity Code.

Job Data 2

8.  Repeat these steps for each Empl_Rcd for the employee to obtain all information regarding that specific date in time.

9.  Click the check box next to the employee's Empl_Rcd that should be marked as Benefits Primary as of that point in time and then click the Save button.  Note:  You do not remove the check box next to the incorrect value - this will clear automatically upon saving the new selection.

Switch Flags

10.  If you are unable to set the appropriate flag, it may be necessary to Rebuild Primary Flags.  Please reference BN - Rebuild Primary Job Flag for more information on this process.


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