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The following screen captures are not officially supported by Engineering Professional Development Tech Support, but may be useful to capture, edit, annotate, and share screen shots.

The following are free screen capture tools that may be considered:


Skitch is available on Mac and Windows as well as a cross-platform array of mobile devices. It integrates into Evernote, but can also be used by itself. Skitch also works on the iPad. To capture the display on the iPad screen, simultaneously press the on/off switch and the center "home" button. The screen capture will be saved to the iPad's camera roll. After creating the screen capture, use Skitch for iPad to draw and type on the image. Download Skitch for iPad hereRead more about Skitch platforms and integrations from their webiste.


Jing enables a picture to be taken of part of or all of the screen. Once the needed area has been captured, it can be typed on, drawn on, or highlighted. To use Jing, download and install the free software for the Mac or PC. Jing is ready when an orange ball appears in the upper corner of the screen. Jing can be used to record a video that is up to five minutes long.

Awesome Screenshot

Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Once Awesome Screenshot is installed, it can simply be activated from the browser to capture a page or region on a page, draw boxes, draw lines, blur out information, and add text to the screenshot.

The built-in tools available on a Mac or PC can also be used:


Available via the Application Utilities on Mac computers, Grab can be used to capture selections, windows, or the entire screen. One of the nicest features is the Timed Screen, which affords a delayed screen shot, so the user can make clicks and prepare in advance.

Snipping Tools

Available via Start  All Programs  Accessories on PC computers, Snipping Tools can be used to capture selections, windows, or the entire screen. Just select a snip type from the menu, click on the New button and drag the cursor to select the are to be captured.

Mac Key Commands:
 Key Command  Action
 command + shift + 3  entire screen
 command + shift + 4  cross hairs appear to select needed area
 command + shift + 4 + spacebar  cross hairs become camera to capture open windows, menu bar, Dock or desktop

PC Key Commands:
 Key Command  Action
 PrtScn  entire screen
 Alt + PrtScn  active window

*On laptop keyboards, Fn (Function) may need to be pressed to access "Print Screen"

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