EPD - Technologies - Screen Capture/Screenshot & Scanning Tools

The following screen captures are not officially supported by Engineering Professional Development Tech Support, but may be useful to capture, edit, annotate, and share screen shots and scan documents.

Often students have the need to take and share screenshots for course work, homework assignments, or when getting help from tech support.  Below is a list of options for both screen-capture software and web browser plugins, as well as some mobile scanning apps that can come in very hand for scanning and submitting homework assignments.

The following are free screen capture tools that may be helpful.


Skitch is available on Mac and Windows as well as a cross-platform array of mobile devices. It integrates into Evernote, but can also be used by itself. Skitch also works on the iPad. To capture the display on the iPad screen, simultaneously press the on/off switch and the center "home" button. The screen capture will be saved to the iPad's camera roll. After creating the screen capture, use Skitch for iPad to draw and type on the image. Download Skitch for iPad hereRead more about Skitch platforms and integrations from their webiste.


Jing enables a picture to be taken of part of or all of the screen. Once the needed area has been captured, it can be typed on, drawn on, or highlighted. To use Jing, download and install the free software for the Mac or PC. Jing is ready when an orange ball appears in the upper corner of the screen. Jing can be used to record a video that is up to five minutes long.

Awesome Screenshot

Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Once Awesome Screenshot is installed, it can simply be activated from the browser to capture a page or region on a page, draw boxes, draw lines, blur out information, and add text to the screenshot.

Built-in Options for Screenshots

Most Operating Systems (Mac and Windows) and mobile computing devices have built-in tools for screenshots and screen capture.  Common features include ability to select partial windows, or the entire screen. Other nice features often include timed screen capture, which affords a delayed screen shot, so the user can make clicks and prepare in advance.  Below is a list of additional links for screen capture tools.

Scanning Apps for Mobile Devices (iOS/Andriod)

Here is a link to a good run down of both free and paid mobile scanning apps.  Popular options are Microsoft Office Lens, Evernote Scannable, and Adobe Scan.  An app like this can be very handy for students who may be doing written homework problems or any work on paper, and then need to quickly and easily convert it to a digital document for submission to Canvas LMS or sharing with team members.