Approving HRS Security Role Requests in HRS


This document will provide the step by step process used to request security roles for HRS users.

Process Considerations

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Review and Approve a Provision Request

  1. Access the request using the link in the email or navigate to Fluid Home (in HRS, click NavBar (top right corner) and select Fluid Home) > Security Provisioning eForms > Approve a Provision Request.
  2. Click Search to see all requests waiting your approval, can limit results by entering search parameters
  3. Select the request to review.
  4. Review Row Security Perm. List and Requested Roles, if any should not be included in the approval, click the toggle button to change from Yes to No.
    NOTE: If the request is to Remove Security, all Requested Roles will be removed.
  5. Enter Comments.
  6. Click Approve.
    • Click Deny if the request should not be approved.
    • Click Push Back to resubmit the request to the requester to make adjustments to the request.
  7. The Approve Requests: Results page will open and provide information about the request process.

View Security Role Requests

  1. Navigate to Fluid Home (in HRS, click NavBar (far right corner) and select Fluid Home).
  2. Click Security Provisioning eForms tile.
  3. Select the View a Provision Request tab on the left side bar.
  4. Enter criteria in at least one search field and click Search.
    NOTE: Entering the Request ID, found in the email, is preferred.
  5. Review the request details, including Comments entered.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Approval Route to see the approval chain.
  8. Click the triangle to expand the Signature Log.

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