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Students are responsible for collecting and saving any of their own course materials upon completion of the course, and will have access to course materials as stated below, unless otherwise noted from their instructor.

Helpful Hints for Effective Archiving and Collecting of Course Material from the LMS/Online Course Site
  • The instructor handouts and student handouts are often files that can be downloaded as pdf or html documents.
  • The discussion threads and other pages can be saved manually as PDF (print to pdf), and downloaded.
  • If your course has recorded video lectures or presentations, the ability to save and download may vary by course, and how the videos were delivered.  For example, if a video is streaming only, such as a youtube video, or Engineering Media Server, you will be unable to download and archive the video.  You can save the link to the video, but the extended access to the streaming video may vary.

Other Program Archival Policies

The university requires that the department keep an archival record of student assignment details, quizzes, and exams for one year after the course is complete. The course grade book is to be archived for 2 years.