D2L - How to Give Extended Time in the Quiz Tool for Students with Disabilities (UW-Madison)


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Learn how to easily select specific students and give them extra time on a quiz or exam using the Quiz Tool in D2L

To give extended time on a quiz, first click on edit quiz (if you are creating a new quiz, it will automatically take you to the right webpage), then select the "Restrictions" tab at the top.
Restrictions Tab

Next scroll down the page until you see the "Special Access" heading under  "Advanced Options."  (The Advanced Options menu may be collapsed.  Simply click on the blue arrow next to it to display all options).  Select "Allow selected users special access to this quiz" and then click on the "Add users to special access" button.  (Note: this allows you to give extra time for specific students.  If you want certain students to take an entirely different quiz, select "Allow only users with special access to see this quiz.")

Once you push the button, you will see the screen below.  There are a number of different restrictions you can place on the quiz.  The simplest way to give extended access is to check "Enforced time limit" and then enter the extended time in the box provided (e.g. if the student’s McBurney VISA indicates they are approved for time and a half [1.5x] on tests, then enter 15 minutes if the normal quiz time is 10 minutes).  There are other options you can select, such as giving students who need extra time a grace period or alternative options (quiz is flagged as late but student can continue working, etc.)

After you have entered how long the quiz should be for the student(s) with accommodations, you need to scroll down the page and under "Users" select which students should receive the special access you just created.  You can search by student, group or browse your roster.  Check the student(s) you want to add and click the blue "Add Special Access" Button.


After clicking the "Add Special Access" button, D2L will take you back to the "Restrictions" tab where you will see the name(s) of all the students you have given special access.  To disallow special access to any student you see named, simply click the red x next to their name (You can always restore special access by clicking the green plus sign next to a student's name in this window)

Selected students, and only selected students, will have the special access conditions you set up applied to their quiz.  If other students in your class have different amounts of extended time, you can repeat this process to add a different special time limit for different students.

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