Learn@UW/D2L - How Can Students Include Image Files in Discussion Posts?

This document describes how students may include image files in Discussion posts in a course.

As a student, you may include image files from your computer or a website in course discussion posts. 

There are two ways to specify how an image file is displayed, depending upon the file's location:

NOTE:  Due to a bug, you should not use the 'Insert Image' control within the HTML editor to display an image file uploaded from your computer.  If you do, the image will later disappear because the file is stored in a temporary directory that is periodically cleared.  The vendor, Desire2Learn, is aware of this  issue.

To include an image file at a website:

  1. Place the cursor at the location in the HTML Editor you want your image displayed.
  2. Press the "Insert Image" icon.

    Steps 1-2

  3. Select URL.
  4. Enter the complete URL of the image file.
  5. Press the Add button.

    Steps 3-5

  6. When prompted, specify 'Alternative Text' and press OK.
The image file will be displayed within the discussion post as long as the web page referred to remains available and intact. 

For example:

Example with image at web ste displayed

If you want the image file on your computer included as a separate attachment that is displayed outside the body of the text, proceed as follows:

  1. Press the Add attachments link below "Attachments".

    Sample Post

  2. Press the Upload button. The file chooser opens.
  3. Within the file chooser, navigate to the file to upload.
  4. Press the Open button to select the file. The file chooser closes.
Note: If your browser supports Dragging and Dropping files, you see the message Drop files here or click below! in the dashed box below. This means you can also select a file by dragging and dropping a file from your computer into the dashed box instead of doing steps 2 through 4 above.

Upload Attachment

In the following example discussion post, an image file has been uploaded from the user's computer. To view the image, click on the link by the attachment.

Sample Post with Separate Attachment
The image

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