Microsoft 365 - Reset Service Account Password

This document describes how to set or modify an Office 365 service account's password.

In order to log into Outlook on the web, configure a desktop client or mobile device, the service account must have a password.

For instructions on how to access a service account, see: Microsoft 365 - How to access a Service Account.

Important: Service Accounts can only be used by users who have NetID accounts within UW-Madison's Office 365 implementation. Microsoft licensing prohibits the use of these accounts by any external user - this means that external users cannot use the service account credentials to access the account. If you need to provide access to an external user, please request an appointment through your department's HR office.

Reset Password

  1. As a domain administrator or authorized administrator of a service account, log in to the Wisc Account Administration site with your NetID credentials.

  2. Access the account by either:

    • Selecting the domain and then searching for the account on the account listing page
    • Searching for the exact email address in the search field -- located in the top right corner of the Wisc Account Administration site -- as pictured below:

      find account or domain field box

  3. Select the Account Administration tab in the left-hand column to expand it into the list you see in the image below:

    account administration tab

  4. Select Reset Password

  5. On the "Reset Password" page, enter the desired password and click Change Password button.