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The recruiting home page allows quick access and information for commonly used recruiting tools. This document will review the information available on the Recruiting Home dashboard page as well as how to personalize information shown.


  • Recruiters will see the Recruiting Home dashboard as the default page after logging into HRS.
  • Quickly Navigate to the WED (Workflow Exception Dashboard) page by clicking on the My Page tab in the top left. If Recruiters do not use the WED page, then the My Page tab will display the HRS Home page.


  • All other TAM users also have access to the Recruiting Home dashboard, however, it is not set up to be their main landing page when logging into HRS.  From Employee Self Service (ESS) or Manager Self Service (MSS) the Recruiting Home tile can be clicked.

Quick Links

  • Links to the most frequently used recruiting pages.

  • This section can be removed but it can not be personalized.

My Job Openings

  • Summary information about your job openings.
    NOTE: By default, the job openings displayed will be in open status where you are the primary recruiter

  • Click on the Job Opening Name to be taken directly to the Manage Job Openings page.

  • The No Action Taken column shows how many individuals are in an "Applied" status. Click on the number to go to the Manage Job Opening page.

  • https://kb.wisc.edu/images/group61/46900/9.2recruitinghomemyjobopening.jpg

  • To personalize, what information appears, click the Pagelet Setting drop down and select Personalize.
    • Display - select: All jobs, Jobs Assigned to me (where you are the primary), Jobs associated with me (where you are on the Assignments page, but not primary), or Jobs Created by me
    • Status - select the Job Opening Status to appear in the pagelet
    • Created Within - view all jobs created within what time period

  • https://kb.wisc.edu/images/group61/46900/9.2recruitinghomemyjobopeningspersonalize.jpg

  • To personalize the column and sort order, click Personalize link at the top of the grid.

My Alerts

  • View summary information for your own job openings and to access pages with more detailed information.

  • Each alert label includes both the number and type of alerts. Clicking the alert label opens a page that lists the individual instances.
    NOTE: The alert does not appear if there are zero instances of the alert

  • Questionnaire Requests indicates how many applicants have not completed a screening questionnaire in the online application. 


  • See Working with My Alerts Tipsheet for more information about each alert.
  • To personalize which alerts appear, click the Pagelet Setting drop down and select Personalize.
    • For New Applicants, you can set the alert for the number of days they applied within
    • For Open Online Job Offers, you can select how many days until the offer expires

Browse Job Openings

  • Quick keyword searches for job openings and applicants.

  • This section can be removed but it can not be personalized.


Time to Fill

  • A chart showing monthly average time to fill rates.


  • To personalize which alerts appear, click the Pagelet Setting drop down and select Personalize.
    • Filter results based upon Date Filled/Closed From and To

My Applicants

  • View applicants who are associated with your job openings and to review key information about each applicant.
    • Select the Applicant's Name, Resume or Application to quickly be taken directly to that page.
    • Lists applicants associated with your job openings.
    • Excludes applicants in a Draft or Reject disposition.

  • https://kb.wisc.edu/images/group61/46900/9.2recruitinghomemyapplicants.jpg

  • To personalize which applicants appear in the list, click the Pagelet Setting drop down and select Personalize.
    • Filter results based upon how recently an applicant applied

Today's Interviews

  • View your interviews for the current day.
    NOTE: Cancelled interviews are not listed.

  • This section can be removed but it can not be personalized.



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