Peer Learning and Credit - L&S Guidelines

Peer Learning experiences involve undergraduate students who serve as mentors/tutors, and students who benefit from the mentoring or tutoring. These courses, like all courses, must align with campus credit hour policies and qualified instructor policies. The following Guidelines combine both existing policy and L&S Curriculum Committee advice to departments proposing such courses. The guidelines were approved by the L&S Curriculum Committee on 11/24/2015.

Mentee/Tutoree course experience

Accreditation policies assume qualified instructors are teaching courses, and all courses must have a qualified instructor. When a mentor/tutor is engaged in assisting with another course, the following guidelines must be followed:   

Mentor course experience

Courses teaching students how to mentor/tutor have the same guidelines and process as other academic courses. To create a course, a proposal must be submitted to the online course proposal system.  Some guidelines that may be helpful for peer learning courses:

Mentor course experience

For more information about this policy, or how the L&S Curriculum Committee reviews request to create these types of courses, contact Kimbrin Cornelius at